Trafalgar 2005


What we were celebrating....

Copyright Jon Rosamond.....Stand on the quarterdeck of HMS Victory, just aft of the steps that lead down into the ship, and peer down to your feet. there you will find a little brass plague screwed to the deck with the simple inscription : "Here Nelson fell - 21st Oct 1805". Nelsons crushing victory over a combined French and Spanish fleet with the loss of not one British ship. etc......


The Events...
28/06/2005 Fleet Review An international gathering of ships from ?? countries are inspected by the Queen aboard HMS Endurance
  Son Et Lumier A re-enactment of the battle of Trafalgar with the tall ship "Grand Turk" playing the part of HMS Victory
  Fireworks An awesome display of fireworks
  Lighting of the Fleet The lighting up of the assembled fleet.


Warship Photographs


FFH 150  HMAS Anzac - (Copyright Robin Powney)

353   El Kirch

A 960  BNS Godetia F 911 BNS Westdiep -  (Copyright Robin Powney)
M 923 BNS Narcis FFH 336 HMCS Montreal - (Copyright Robin Powney)
L 17 HDMS Ebsern Snare - A 230 Admiral Pitka
1 FNS Pohjanmaa R 91 FS Charles de Gaulle
D 610 FS Tourville S 606 FS Perle -  (Copyright Robin Powney)
D 625 FS Jean Bart A 607 FS Meuse
M 1065 FGS Dillingen M 1066 FGS Frankenthal
F 219 FGS Sachsen F 452 HS Hydra -  (Copyright Robin Powney)
D 62 INS Mumbai P 31 LE Eithne -  (Copyright Robin Powney)
S 523 ITS Giuliano Prini TV 3508 JDS Kashima
DD 101 JDS Murasame DD 153 JDS Yuugiri
A 53 LNS Versaitis M 51 LS Kursis
611 Mohammed V - (Copyright Nick Newns) A 832 HNLMS Zuiderfruis
M 861 HNLMS Urk L 800 HNLMS Rotterdam
F 89 NNS Aradu - (Copyright Nick Newns) Q 32 RNOV Al Mua'zzar -  (Copyright Robin Powney)
D 185 PNS Tippu Sultan A 20 PNS Moawin
273 ORP General Tadeusz Kosciuszko F 331 NRP Alvares Cabrai
F 222 RS Regina Maria 605 RFS Admiral Levchenko
SMAF Jadran A 301 SAS Drakensburg
DDG 975 ROKS Choong Moo Gong Lee Soon Shin AOE 57 ROKS Cheonji
R 11 SPS Principe de Asturias -  (Copyright Robin Powney) F 103 SPS Blas de Lezo
F 245 TCG Oruc Reis R 05 HMS Invincible -  (Copyright Robin Powney)
R 06 HMS Invincible L 12 HMS Ocean
L 14 HMS Albion L 15 HMS Bulwark
D 89 HMS Exeter D 96 HMS Gloucester
D 91 HMS Nottingham D 108 HMS Cardiff
D 90 HMS Southampton - F 86 HMS Campbeltown
F 87 HMS Chatham F 85 HMS Cumberland
F 80 HMS Grafton F 234 HMS Iron Duke
F 229 HMS Lancaster F 233 HMS Marlborough
F 236 HMS Montrose F 83 HMS St Albans
F 237 HMS Westminster S 107 HMS Trafalgar
S 91 HMS Trenchant S 87 HMS Turbulent


The Aircraft and helicopters

HMCS Montreal CH-124A - 12421 - (Copyright Nick Newns) FS Jean Bart AS.565 511

INS Mumbai IN528 / W Sea King Mk.42B

JDS Murasame SH-60J - 8264


JDS Yuugiri SH-60J - 8246 - (Copyright Nick Newns)

Mohammed V AS-565 - 111

ORP General Tadeusz Kosciuszko SH-2G(P) - 3545 28 NAS

NRP Alvares Cabral Super Lynx Mk.95 19203 'Shrek'

RFS Admiral Levchenko Ka.27 60 red  (c/n 88610) - (Copyright Nick Newns) SAS Drakensberg  SA.330 Oryx 1234  22 Sqn
Aircraft Carriers  


The Flypast...