Portsmouth Dockyard
29th August -31st August 1996




Prosperity Photo Copyright Nigel R. Sadler


Noted on board the ship where the following

BuNo's in green were Below deck

009 Esc EAV-8B VA.2-3/01-903 VA.2-4/01-904 VA.2-5/01-905 VA.2-12/01-912 VA.2-13/01-914
    VA.2-15/01-916 VA.2-16/01-917      
005 Esc SH-3H HS.9-6/01-506 HS.9-7/01-507 HS.9-17/01-517    
  AEW HS.9-11/01-511 HS.9-12/01-512      
003 Esc AB.212ASW HA.18-4/01-308 HA.18-8/01-312 HA.18-12/01-316    

Report Via BAR/My own log


009 Esc

005 Esc

003 Esc


Four Spanish Navy Vessels visited prior to taking part in Exercise "Northern Light 96", other ships involved were:-

F 85  SPS Navarra 010 Esc SH-60B HS.23-06/01-1006  
A 14  SPS Patino 005 Esc SH-3H HS.9-1/01-501 HS.9-14/01-514
F 81  SPS Santa Maria N/a N/a    

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