Portsmouth Dockyard
4th October - 5th October 1986




 If anyone has any photographs of the ship during her visit we would be pleased to hear from you.




(Serials in green were on the hanger deck)

HMM-774 'MQ' CH-46E 154810/403 155312/406 154000/407 153321/408 153962/409
      157720/410 156431/411 155310/412    
HMH-772 'MS' CH-53A 153295/483 153302/484 153285/485    
HMH-769 'MS' CH-53A 152401/486        
HML-767 'MM' UH-1N 158558/400 158277/402 158549/414 158289/417  
VMO-1 'ER' OV-10D 155501/02        
    OV-10A 155418/18        
HM-12 'DH' CH-53E 161541/438        
Ships Flt   UH-1N 158264/        
Report per BAR

The ship was visiting after taking part in eercise "Northern Wedding" and was on her way back to the US.

All of the USMC helicopters were from reservist units, the CH-46E being from NAS Norfolk, the CH-53A's all being from HMH-769 at NAS Alameda despite three of them being marked as belonging to "HMH-772 det A" (at NAS Willow Grove) , and the UH-1N's being from NAS New Orleans. OV-10's do not normally operate from this class of vessel and the two aboard were in fact craned on at Kiel (but were to be flown off on return to the US). Of the two USN helicopters , the CH-53E WAS MARKED "HM-12 VOD DET" (for vertical On-board delivery Detachment)  while the UH-1N is the vessel's only permanently assigned aircraft the UH-1N was named "Angel 64". CH-53A 153295/483 was in fact quite badly damaged with it's port engine completely missing, this being the surviving aircraft of the fatal collision off Norway on 29/8.

Accident report:-

29/08/86 - CH-46 of USMC crashed into the sea after colliding with CH-53A 153295/483 on take-off from LHA-2 USS Saipan some 60 miles W of Bodo, Norway during Exercise "Northern Wedding (8 killed, 13 injured)


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