Portsmouth Dockyard
11th October - 13th October 1986




 If anyone has any photographs of the ship during her visit we would be pleased to hear from you.



Composite Squadron formed around  'HMM-162'  

(Serials in green were on the hangar deck)

    CH-46E 157701/YS-1 157715/YS-2 156456/YS-3 154010/YS-4 154819/YS-5
      153402/YS-6 157713/YS-8 157693/YS-9 153981/YS-10 156450/YS-11
    AH-1T 160108/YS-21 160742/YS-22 160820/YS-23 160822/YS-24  
    UH-1N 160445/YS-31 160454/YS-32 160444/YS-33    
    CH-53E 161257/YS-41 161262/YS-42 161394/YS-43 162490/YS-44  
Ships Flt   UH-1N 158256/-        
Report per BAR

The wreckage of CH-46E 157689/YS-7 was present on the deck, this being the helicopter that was lost in the fatal collision off Norway on 29/8. Helicopters on active duty during the visit commuting between Saipan and Longmoor Training camp throughout their stay in port (noted at Longmoor on 11/10 being AH-1T''s '21', '22', UH-1N '31', CH-46E's '8', '10', '11', '12' & CH-53E's '43' & '44') The ship left for a months tour of the Med.

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