Portsmouth Dockyard
1st March - 2nd March 1980




 If anyone has any photographs of the ship during her visit we would be pleased to hear from you.



Composite Squadron formed around  'HMH-461'  

(Serials in green were on the hanger deck)

    CH-53D 157169/CJ-5 157731/CJ-13 157736/CJ-14 156955/CJ-16 157748/CJ-21
      157733/CJ-23 157173/CJ-24      
    CH-46E 153369/CJ-32 153998/CJ-33 157706/CJ-35 157707/CJ-36  
    AH-1T 160815/CJ-40 160114/CJ-41 160107/CJ-42 160814/CJ-43  
    UH-1N 160445/CJ-50 160450/CJ-51 160456/CJ-53    

Helios disembarked to Lee-on-Solent were:-

    CH-53D 157734/CJ-3 157175/CJ-20      
    CH-46E 154856/CJ-34        
    UH-1N 160458/CJ-54 160835/-      
Report per BAR
Confirmed con no's were 160815 (26105), 160456 (31748). CJ-51 was marked "Air Ponce", 160835 was marked "USS Saipan". The Saipan was en-route to Norwegian waters in company with the USS Ponce and USS Newport for NATO exercise "Anorak Express"


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