Stokes Bay, Portsmouth
29th September - 4th October 1974

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Noted on board the ship were the following:-    CVW-8     'AJ' 


VF-213 "Black Lions" F-4J 155882/NH-100 155876/NH-101 155732/NH-102 153795/NH-103 155572/NH-104
All ex CVW-11        USS Kittyhawk   155563/NH-105 155559/NH-106 155880/NH-107 155881/NH-110 155575/NH-111
VF-103 "Sluggers" F-4J 157279/AC-100 157306/AC-201 155748/AC-202 157305/AC-203 155863/AC-204
All ex CVW-3    USS Saratoga   157303/AC-205 157299/AC-206 157281/AC-207 155841/AC-210 157309/AC-211
      155812/AC-212 155516/AC-213      
VA-82 "Marauders" A-7C 156800/AJ-300 156748/AJ-301 156794/AJ-302 156755/AJ-303 156774/AJ-304
All ex CVW-8 USS America   156795/AJ-305 156786/AJ-306 156767AJ-/307 156757/AJ-310 156768/AJ-311
      156745/AJ-312 156746/AJ-313      
VA-86 "Sidewinders" A-7C 156789/AJ-400 156747/AJ-401 156773/AJ-402 156788/AJ-403 156772/AJ-404
All ex CVW-8 USS America   156741/AJ-405 156743/AJ-406 156784/AJ-407 156791/AJ-410 156790/AJ-411
      156744/AJ-412 156738/AJ-413      
VA-35 "Black Panthers" A-6E 149948/AJ-500 149956/AJ-501 151592/AJ-502 151804/AJ-503 151807/AJ-504
All ex CVW-8 USS America   152607/AJ-505 152905/AJ-506 152907/AJ-507 152923/AJ-510 151573/AJ-511
      152935/AJ-512 151802/AJ-513      
    KA-6D 151575/AJ-520 151579/AJ-521 151589/AJ-522 152913/AJ-523 151783/AJ-524
VMCJ-2   EA-6A 156983/CJ-610 156991/CJ-611 156981/CJ-612 148618/CJ-614  
VAW-126 "Seahawks" E-2B 150532/AA-760 149819/AA-761 152487/AA-762 152484/AA-763  
All ex CVW-17    USS Forrestal            
RVAH-1 "Cool Tigers" RA-5C 156617/601 156639/602 156640/603    
All ex CVW-8 USS America            
HC-2 "Fleet Angels" SH-3G 148974/AJ-003 151532/AJ-004 151527/AJ-005    
All ex CVW-8 USS America            
VRC-40 Det.1 "Rawhides" C-1A 136763 146043      
  USS America            
List provided by Peter Norris
The America had a varied airwing which had hurriedly been assembled for exercise "Northern Merger" most of the regular CVW-8 squadrons having relocated to their home base at the end of a recent 6th fleet deployment.


VF-213 VF-103 VA-82 VA-86 VA-35

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VMCJ-2 VMAW-126 RVAH-1 HC-2 VRC-40 det 1
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