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The intention is to give information we will attempt to include articles on naval visits around the world with a major focus on the United Kingdom. There will be reviews on events, port visits  The time window applicable to this site and the group is the seventies onwards. We would be more than happy to publish relevant articles on the website, due credit will be given, however payment is not possible as this website is non profit making, our sole purpose is the sharing of information, and the promotion of Navies/NATO and the USA.

So welcome on board hope you find the site of interest! 

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Trafalgar 2005
IFOS 2005 - Portsmouth
RIAT Fairford -2005
D-Day Portsmouth

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The policy at Navies is to print relevant pictures of whatever quality to illustrate our subject.  There will be varying quality to the images used where applicable, however we do have some really good photographers within our midst and we will try to keep the quality of the images high, but it may be necessary to include what we term "prosperity" images, ones where the event warrants an image of whatever quality to capture  the event.