Stokes Bay, Portsmouth

1st April 1984


If anyone has any photographs of the ship during her visit we would be pleased to hear from you.

The ship arrived 31.03.84 and stayed prior to spending more time at sea.  
 She had originally arrived on 28.02.84 unannounced at Portsmouth for maintenance Before sailing to participate in exercise "Teamwork". Upon the return from her sailng post 1.04. she entered the docks 09.04 at Portsmouth for a weeklong stay.
 Aircraft noted on board came from   HMM-362   with the exception of the  VMO-1 OV-10A Broncos which were coded  'ER', and the ships flight UH-1
Two CH-46D's landed aboard for a short time, they were belived to be from AE-28 USS Santa Barbara and they were from HC-6 Det 4 'HW'

Noted on board the ship where:-

VMO-1 OV-10A 155434/ER-00 155443/ER-04         
  OV-10D 155395/ER-09  155487/ER-14      
HMM-362 CH-53D 157150/YL-00  156959/YL-01 157749/YL-02  156964/YL-03  157727/YL-04
    157170/YL-05 157747/YL-11  157729/YL-12  157142/YL-14 156967/YL-15 
    157728/YL-20 156961/YL-24      
HMM-362 UH-1N 159195/YL-42  159193/YL-43      
Saipan Flt UH-1N 158256 r/w scheme named "Merilu"    
Visiting.... Ex USS Santa Barbara?  
HC 6 - Det 4 CH-46D 153412/HW-04 153409/HW-19      
Some additional details courtesy of BAR.

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