Nautical Air Accidents 2003

06/01/03 163100/NH-304 F/A-18A VFA-97 USN Suffered class damage when it left the runway at NAS Lemoore.
17/01/03 164664/NK-403 F/A-18C VFA-25 USN Ran off the runway at RAAF Pearce only slight damage sustained
17/01/03 165682/CE-04 F/A-18D VMFA(AW)-225 USMC Crashed off San Clemente Island, CA, both crew ejected safely
22/01/03 165327/WR-7.. AH-1W HMLA-775 USMC Two helios collided in mid-air with the loss of all four crew members. The accident occurred in Falcon State Park near Rio Grande River in southern Texas, while operating from Fort Bliss, TX
22/01/03 164589/WR-7.. AH-1W HMLA-775 USMC Two Helios collided in mid-air with the loss of all four crew members. The accident occurred in Falcon State Park near Rio Grande River in southern Texas, while operating from Fort Bliss, TX
26/01/03 163901/AJ-102 F-14D VF-213 USN Crashed whilst attempting to land on the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) 60 miles east of Puerto Rico, two crew ejected & rescued.
11/02/03 161116/NJ-567 EA-6B VAQ-129 USN Rolled over the side of the USS John C. Stennis as a result of brake failure during carriers quals off southern CA.
18/02/03 163748/NG-411 F/A-18C VFA-147 USN Operating from the USS Carl Vinson crashed in the Western Pacific. The pilot ejected 45 miles from the carrier and was rescued.
12/03/03 162153/AD C-2A VAW-120 USN MCAS Cherry Point, ran off runway, undercarriage and wings collapsed and caught fire.
21/03/03 152579/YQ-01 CH-46E HMM-268 USMC Crashed in Kuwait with the loss of the 8 British soldiers & 4 US crew.
22/03/03 XV650/CU-182 Sea King AsaC.7 849 Sqdn RN Collided with another Sea King 5 miles from HMS Ark Royal with the loss of all 7 crew.
22/03/03 XV704/R-186 Sea King AsaC.7 849 Sqdn RN See Previous
24/03/03 163158/AC-211 F/A-18C VMFA-115 USMC Damaged whilst operating from USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75)
30/03/03 160620/SN-39 UH-1N HMLA-169 USMC Struck the ground whilst taking off in Southern Iraq with the loss of 3 of the 4 crew.
31/03/03 158620/NF-104 F-14A VF-154 USN Southern Iraq, engine failure followed by fuel system failure, crew ejected, OK
01/04/03 160584/NE-707 S-3B VS-38 USN Slid off the edge of the flight deck of the USS Constellation (CV-64)shortly after landing, two crew ejected.
01/04/03 165391/EG-55 AV-8B HMM-263 USMC Crashed in the Gulf region as it was attempting to land on USS Nassau (LHA-2), pilot ejected.
01/04/03 158620/NF-104 F-14A VF-154 USN Crashed during combat mission from USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) in southern Iraq, Pilot & RIO rescued. Aircraft crashed because of engine failure, not through hostile fire.
02/04/03 164974/NF-405 F/A-18C VFA-195 USN Flying from USS Kitty Hawk aircraft was shot down by US Patriot battery by mistake. Pilot missing.
05/04/03 ? AH-1W HMLA-267 USMC Crashed in central Iraq with the loss of the 2 crew.
14/04/03 ? AH-1W MAG-39 USMC Crashed near Samarra Iraq, 2 crew rescued.
30/04/03 162486 CH-53E HMH-465 USMC Crashed and burnt near Najaq, Iraq, no casualties.
01/05/03 158244 HH-1N NAS Fallon ? NAS Fallon HH-1 Crashed.
19/05/03 156424/PF- CH-46E HMM-364 USMC Crashed in a canal in central Iraq, all 4 crew killed as well as 1 of the rescue team.
11/06/03 ZH805 Sea Harrier F/A2 DARA RN Sea Harrier F/A.2 ZH805 has crashed near Lee Bay in North Devon, around 1500hrs today. Glad to confirm that the Pilot from RNAS Yeovilton ejected and although taken to Barnstaple Hospital, is OK. Pilot was picked up by Sea King HAR.3A from RAF Chivenor 22 Sqn A Flt. Aircraft was on a Flight Test from RAF/DARA St Athan
22/06/03 162492/? CH-53E HMH-461 USMC Damaged on the ground in Djibouti by an errant bomb bomb a B-52H soc 29/01/04
22/06/03 162519/? CH-53E HMH-461 USMC Damaged on the ground in Djibouti by an errant bomb bomb a B-52H soc 29/01/04
16/07/03 163068/HC-42 MH-53E HC-4 USN PALERMO, Sicily- A U.S. military helicopter crashed and burst into flames Wednesday on the Mediterranean island of Sicily, killing all four crew members. The helicopter took off from the U.S. Sigonella military base near the city of Catania Wednesday afternoon, but shortly afterwards it crashed by a roadside and caught fire.No one on the ground was hurt in the crash.
16/07/03 163201/KD- AV-8B VMAT-203 USMC At approx 17:30 EST, a Harrier from Cherry Point crashed about 30 miles SSE of the base. Pilot OK. No further details at this time
23/07/03 163780/WT- F/A-18C VMFA-232 USMC A Marine Corps pilot was killed when his F/A-18C Hornet crashed during a training exercise. Capt. John T. Berger, 27, of Sonora was the sole occupant of the plane when it went down shortly after 11 p.m. Tuesday at the Twenty-nine Palms Marine Corps Base, about 60 miles northeast of Palm Springs. A Marine spokesman said Wednesday he did not know whether Berger attempted to eject from his plane. Berger was based at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego. The cause of the crash was under investigation.
27/07/03 158800/NH-503 EA-6B VAQ-135 USN ABOARD USS Nimitz (NNS) -- Four aircrew are safe and in good condition after ejecting from their EA-6B Prowler jet aircraft in the Arabian Gulf. The four ejected at approximately 11 a.m. local time July 27 during routine flight operations, and were rescued by helicopters assigned to Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron (HS) 6 of the USS Nimitz (CVN 68) Carrier Strike Group.
31/07/03 160122/AJ-702 S-3B VS-24 USN The S-3 Viking from Sea Control Squadron 24, stationed at Jacksonville (Fla.) Naval Air Station, disappeared from radar around 11:20 a.m., or a little more than two hours after taking off from Jacksonville, the Navy reported. The two aviators aboard were not injured. Their names were not immediately released. The cause of the crash, about 10 miles east of Athens in the north-eastern part of the state, was under investigation.
25/08/03 ? Sea Harrier   Indian Navy NEW DELHI: An Indian Navy Sea Harrier fighter jet crashed into the sea near Goa on Sunday but the pilot ejected safely, a defence spokesman said." The Sea Harrier was on a routine sortie from the aircraft carrier INS Viraat and on the final approach to the carrier it developed some snag," said navy spokesman Commander Vinay Garg."The pilot ejected safely." Garg said the Navy was investigating the crash. The aircraft was inducted into the force in 1983. The Navy has about 20 such aircraft. India, which has the worlds' fourth largest air force, has been criticised for its poor safety record. 
06/09/03 159586/AJ-501 EA-6B VAQ-141 USN EA-6B assigned to VAQ-141 broke landing gear on apparent hard landing at Norfolk Naval Station on 07 Sep 2003. Class A damage. Strike not yet determined
08/09/03 N-4007 Super Lynx HA-1 Brazilian Navy Brazilian Navy Super Lynx N-4007 was lost during a training sortie 11 km S of Rio de Janeiro, close to Ilha Rasa. The HA-1 assigned helicopter was performing a night time vectored ASW sortie and was enroute to the ship at 04:00P for recovery when the helicopter experienced an engine failure. N-4007 was able to reach the ship, but was unable to land, the helicopter striking the ship's stern and subsequently, the ocean surface. Two men were recovered and one is missing. Search for the missing officer, the helicopter's pilot, is still underway.
11/09/03 164198/AD-432 F/A-18D VFA-106 USN

NORFOLK, Va. -- Five sailors were injured Thursday afternoon when an F/A-18 Hornet jet skidded off the deck of an aircraft carrier while trying to land and crashed into the Atlantic, the Navy said. Three of the Injured, who were on the flight deck of the USS George Washington, were flown to shore for evaluation. The identities of the sailors and the extent of their injuries were not immediately known. The pilot ejected safely from the single-seat strike fighter and was immediately recovered from the water, said Cmdr. Lydia Robertson, spokeswoman for the Atlantic Fleet Naval Air Force. A Navy spokesman said the arresting gear may have parted as the plane was trying to land

15/10/03 163147/VE-206 F/A-18A VMFA-115 USMC CHARLESTON, S.C. (Oct. 15) - Two military jet fighters crashed into the South Carolina coast on Wednesday, and their pilots were rescued and brought safely back to land, authorities said. The pilots were in good condition, said Capt. Don Caetano, public affairs officer for the Beaufort Marine Corps Air Station, where the planes were based. ''They were conducting routine training and they had a mishap,'' Caetano said. Caetano said it was too early to know if the planes, F/A-18A fighters, might have clipped each other in the air. An investigation has been launched. The names of the pilots will not be released until their relatives are notified, he said. The U.S. Coast Guard began searching over the Atlantic after getting reports from vessels that saw flares about 8:40 a.m., said Lt. j.g. Will Whitehead of the Charleston Coast Guard Base. The two pilots were picked up by a Coast Guard helicopter and were later transported to Beaufort Naval Hospital. ''We got numerous reports from fishing vessels,'' Whitehead said. ''When the pilots ejected, a fishing vessel out of Edisto reported seeing a flare.'' The Beaufort Marine Corps Air Station is about 70 miles southwest of Charleston.
15/10/03 163159/VE-204 F/A-18A VMFA-115 USMC As Above
03/12/03 165571 / CF-07 AV-8B VMA-211 USMC A pilot based at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma was taken to Yuma  Regional Medical Centre after his aircraft crashed Wednesday night in  the desert south of Yuma, officials at the scene said.  Officials said the AV-8B Harrier jet crashed east of Avenue B between  County 21st and 22nd streets.  Crew members from the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma crash and fire  rescue team spray down the remains of an AV-8B Harrier that crashed  between County 21st and County 22nd streets.
08/12/03 165424 / CF-04 AV-8B VMA-211 USMC An AV-8B assigned to VMA-211 crashed in the Chocolate Mountain range in California on 8 Dec. 2003 on a post-maintenance check flight. Pilot ejected
16/12/03 AMHE-411 R.22 Mariner II ? Mexican Navy W/o
17/12/03 164007 / XE-301 F/A-18C VX-9 USN China Lake Ca. (Ridgecrest, Ca)  About 1600 hours on the fire/crash freq. at China Lake (unknown at this this time.)  F18 crashed on the runway, pilot bailed out and only had bruises. I  don't think the plane burned because as I came into town from the the south I saw no smoke. Engine 3 from C/L was with the plane and the  pilot who was walking. There was a lot of talk about where to take the pilot, city hospital  or the base infirmary.

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